This year, we are redefining what a developer is. This year, being a developer isn't limited to developing websites and apps with code. This year, GDSC-L is here to help people develop solutions, develop careers, develop communities, and develop relationships. We're doing this through three pillars.

Googley Growth

We want to turn GDSC into a member-centric organization for anyone and everyone, regardless of background.

Accessible Solutions

We're here to continue using tech for good and to continue uplifting communities through technology.

Premiere Tech Leaders

We aim to form leaders in tech, educating others and being catalysts for change in different communities.


We are a community of developers that are passionate about uplifting communities through technology and innovation.


We empower people through technology, enlighten others to the power of innovation, and nurture aspiring developers to create meaningful technological solutions for communities.

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GDSC-L is only one of 30 Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSCs) in the Philippines, all of which are university-based community groups that aim to bridge the gap between theory and practical application for Filipino student developers.

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Our departments


They spearhead initiatives related to tech education and organizational development.


They ensure that events and initiatives are delivered successfully.


They plan, design, and develop community and client projects.


They plan, develop, and implement marketing and communication strategies.

Human Resources

They create a growth-oriented environment for members.

Finance and Externals

They manage funds and build strong relationships with external institutions.

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